Prosthetics and Orthotics

What are custom Prosthetics?

Prosthesis: An artificial device extension that replaces a missing body part.

prosthetics“The orthotics side of the business consists of custom braces to enhance healing, support weak muscles, immobilize for healing optimization, provide pain relief, reduce spasm, help partial paralysis function, move with greater ease, aid in ADL’s (activity of daily living) and improve foot biomechanics.”

Our team consistently follows the latest news in the business to learn what is available in an ever changing industry via conferences, journals, new books, university and peer research as well as the Internet.

In its simplest form as prosthetists we “replace” by artificial means a missing limb or body part. In a much more complex sense we attempt to give back something to an individual that they have lost… the ability to walk, to drive, to hold a pen… self confidence, drive, self worth. Understanding prosthetics is more than understanding science and “replacement” parts. Its understanding to whom or what these prosthetics are attached. A person, a father, mother, child, friend or even a pet… once we understand the individual we can then really help to replace what is “missing.”

At Denham Orthotics and Prosthetics we do this by listening, caring and giving the amputee the tools and education to make informed decisions about their care. Together we then formulate a plan for a prosthesis that will not just fit, but belong to that individual. Empowering them to realize potential and seek out new challenges previously thought impossible.

Our total care solution to prosthetics, along with our knowledge of new technologies, coupled with our unique understanding of human anatomy and gait separates us from a very competitive industry. Allowing the patient to experience a new freedom with their “missing” limb.

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