Contracture Management

What is Contracture Management?

There are many etiologies of contracture. Perhaps a patient has lost more than the expected amount of motion post surgically or there has been motor loss, disuse atrophy and shortening of the connective tissues, or even a permanent nerve injury. These patients are usually sent to physical therapy. In addition to their therapy, preogressive controlled stretching with the ability to have infinite “lock out” positions can be very helpful in the rehabilitation process.

There are many types of braces designed for these needs. One of the most successful approaches was developed by Ultraflex. This is a custom, or off-the-shelf design that allows the clinician, patient or physician to slowly increase motion of a contracture in inch pounds. This is particularly ideal if there’s been tendon or nerve repair. Feel free to see their website information

We will work with the physical therapy department, and close communication, as many of these patients need to be monitored for skin, circulation and sensation changes.